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Our company story

Structural Steel Contractor

PANAI is focused and specialized in the implementation of infrastructure for numerous industries, made of steel. The main industries PANAI supports, include Oil&Gas, Civil, Mechanical, Hydropower, Material Extraction and Processing.


PANAI has supported and continues to support the above industries, capitalizing on our know-how, through its services, such as:

Engineering & Procurement

Fabrication & Erection



as a structural steel contractor, we provide “turn-key” solutions for industrial, residential and commercial steel buildings, support Public Works sector with needed steel structures and provide EPC Services in the implementation of Oil&Gas Facilities. Moreover, PANAI as a third-party supplier, fabricates metal carpentry products.


In order to increase the efficiency of the services we provide to our customers, our services are divided in four divisions:


Steel Structures

Oil & Gas

Industrial Facilities Sector

Industrial Facilities

Steel Carpentry Sector

Steel Carpentry



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